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Green vegetables are good for skin and you have to include these green vegetables in your diet. Here are some green vegetables that good for your skin.

  1. Spinach :

Spinach is very good for skin and it contains various antioxidants properties that will help you to reduce all skin problems and it is very good for your skin.

2. Bitter ground :

Bitter ground is very important for your skin and it contains anti-microbial properties and this will help you to get rid of bacteria fro skin and gives you glowing skin.

3. Beans :

Beans are loaded with various vitamins and nutrition’s offers for your skin health and this will give you more skin benefits.

4. Cabbage :

Cabbage is also provides many skin benefits to you and it contains vitamin C, K and B 6 which is very useful for your skin and it gives you healthy skin.

5. Watercress:

Watercress is uncommon vegetable but you have to include this vegetable in your diet . It contains vitamin C more than oranges and contains antioxidants more than apples and broccoli.

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