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What is the secret to your glowing skin? What do you eat to wear the natural glow? What are you using for your skin? Getting healthy and glowing skin is one of the things on every girl’s wish list; you do it all to take care of it too-from drinking lots of water to using the right skincare products. Here we have 7 secrets to help you out with this skin struggle. These glowing skin secrets have been passed down by our generations and will help you get a natural and healthy glow. 

7 glowing skin tips you need to know

Use face oil every night: 

If you are facing skin problems then this is the best time to pamper your skin with the right nighttime skin care products, so you wake up to fresh and glowing skin the next morning. Your nighttime skincare routine must involve a face oil or serum that hydrates your skin from within and lends a glow to your dull skin. You can use coconut oil or any essential oil and massage your face with it using your fingerprints in an upward circular motion. This helps brighten your skin’s complexion, improve elasticity and help you attain a healthy glow on your skin. 

vitamin C is the key: 

What if we told you that you could eat (or drink) your way to glowing skin? Yes, we are sure you know that fruits are the secret to glowing skin but did you know which fruits exactly? Fruits such as strawberries, oranges, lemons and any other fruits that are rich in vitamin C are best for your skin.

Take short showers: 

A glowing skin secret that is often overlooked by most of us, your shower time can help in achieving healthy and radiant skin! Keep your shower time to a maximum of 10–12 minutes and take colder or lukewarm water rather than hot.  

Frozen milk cubes:

 Milk and ice cubes are the perfect recipe for your dull skin. Ice cubes cool down the skin and give an instant glow, whereas lactic acid in milk helps reduce dullness and brings out the natural glow. Also, milk is natural moisture that flights dryness giving you healthy and bright skin.

Green tea to the Rescue: 

Green tea has many benefits when it comes to the skin. Regular intake of green tea or applying it on the face can add a subtle glow to your skin. All you need to do is brew green tea leaves and add honey and lemon and drink it every day and it helps to glow your skin.

Honey and Saffron:  

This is a glowing skin secret from the page of every grandma’s beauty bible. Honey and saffron have been used for centuries for clean and glowing skin. While honey hydrates your skin and makes it soft and smooth saffron brightens your complexion and gives you clear skin.  

Get a good night’s rest: 

Rest is very important for our health and skin and if you get a good slip then you wake up fresh in the early morning and it helps you to glow your skin.


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