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Summer is here! And be ready to face it. You have to take care of your health properly in these summer days especially.

Here are a few tips to stay healthy in this summer 

Eat healthy and light :

Eat light and healthy food because if you consume heavy meals with large amounts so it gives rise to a lot of heat in the body and you should consume fresh fruits and green vegetables that contain high water such as oranges, tomatoes, and others so it helps you to stay healthy in the summer season.

Treat your eyes well:

Protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight so, you have to wear protective eyewear. When you go outdoors so you have to wear sunglasses that protect you from ultraviolet rays.

Drink plenty of water:

You have to drink more water at least 2-3 liters of water every day. Always stay hydrated.

Avoid outside foods:

Avoid roadside food and it may lead to many diseases such as food infections. On summer days the food is not stored properly so it leads to stomach pain.


Make sure to give yourself at least 7 hours of sleep and that will help you to stay healthy on summer days.

Take advantage of summer fruits and green vegetables:

You should eat some summer fruits and green vegetables to stay healthy and fit.

Here are some fruits and green vegetables:

  • WatermelonsCucumbers 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Cherries 


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